Statements by Western politicians and diplomats about the need to make concessions to Russia at the expense of Ukraine's national interests indicate their complete misunderstanding of the Kremlin's Fuhrer psychotype. So far, Western European politicians have not realized that Putin sees their desire for dialogue and compromise with the bloody Kremlin as proof of the success of his strategy to split the EU and NATO. Therefore, those members of the Western political establishment who have recently positioned themselves as members of the Armistice Party will, in fact, only intensify Nazi Russia's aggression not only against Ukraine but also against the collective West.

According to the famous Russian "Orthodox" oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, the Kremlin has already decided to occupy all of South-Eastern Ukraine and turn our country into a "disabled" which will lose industrial potential in the East and access to the seas in the South. After occupying the entire territory of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, Putin, from the point of view of Russian Nazi Malofeev, will offer the Ukrainian authorities an end to the war in exchange for territorial concessions and recognition of the occupied regions of our country as bloody Russia.

The Kremlin is well aware that the Ukrainian government will not agree to territorial concessions to Russia, so peace talks are needed by Chekist corporations, above all, to create a trap for our country. After the failure of talks on ending the war, according to Malofeev Putin will say that the Ukrainian government is not interested in signing a peace agreement, so the Chekist corporation through peace talks will try to gain time to conquer Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa and Mykolayiv regions. By accusing the Ukrainian government of disrupting the peace talks, the Kremlin will start using Western useful idiots even more, who will say in unison with Putin that the Ukrainian government does not need peace with Russia, so the West should prevent World War III, stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. In fact, the peace talks are seen by the Russian authorities as creating the bait they want to catch both Ukraine and the West.

Malofeev is convinced that after the occupation of South-Eastern Ukraine, a government formed of Ukrainian collaborators will be formed in this annexed territory of our country, who will declare that they are the only legitimate representatives of the authorities in Ukraine. Having created a pseudo - government, Kremlin puppets will begin to claim that the Ukrainian government in Kyiv is illegitimate, which will allow the Chekist corporations to justify Russia's military aggression, which will be prepared several years after the annexation of southeastern territories. It is important to understand that in Russia, unfortunately, there is a full consensus between the government and society on the dismantling of Ukraine as a nation state, in fact, the Russian Nazis are waging war for the complete political and historical destruction of our country.

The loss of Donbass and the whole of South-Eastern Ukraine will have catastrophic consequences for our country, as bloody Russia will begin to forcibly mobilize men in the occupied territories. It is worth remembering that in 2014, in early spring, massive pro-Ukrainian actions aimed at supporting Ukraine's independence took place in Donetsk. Pro-Russian actions in Donetsk were less crowded than pro-Ukrainian ones, so Russian hooligans who were attacking pro-Ukrainian activists were brought to Donetsk from Russia to implement the Kremlin scenario. We must not forget that in 2014 Donbass residents gave their lives in support of Ukraine, namely Dmytro Chernyavsky, who was killed by Russian Nazis after a rally for the unity of Ukraine in the center of Donetsk, Stepan Chubenko - goalkeeper of Kramatorsk "Vanguard".

Even the well-known Russian terrorist Igor Girkin, who personally admitted to killing Ukrainian civilians, complained in 2014 that most Donbass residents did not want to fight for Russia against Ukraine. According to opinion polls conducted in Donetsk before the occupation of this Ukrainian city, 30% of residents were pro-Ukrainian, 30% were pro-Russian, and another 40% were a "swamp" that always joins the winners. So we can already imagine what will happen in those regions of South-Eastern Ukraine that will be occupied by Russia. The forced mobilization of men in these territories will lead to the killing of Ukrainians by Ukrainians, which is of personal interest to the Kremlin, which seeks to sow enmity and hatred between Ukrainians.

Kremlin ideologues have stated since 2014 that the occupation of Ukraine will allow Russia to significantly increase the size of its armed forces, so it is not for nothing that Alexei Arestovich has repeatedly stated that the defeat of our country will strengthen Russia by forcibly mobilizing 500,000 Ukrainians after whcih NATO will not be able to contain the evil empire in Europe. Western politicians are still playing with fire trying to appease Vladimir Putin, an ideological follower of Adolf Hitler, forgetting that in 2014 they called on the Ukrainian authorities not to fight for Crimea, because Fuhrer from the Kremlin allegedly needed only Crimea, and these strategic miscalculations of the West led to the creation of bridgeheads in the Crimea and some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the occupied Russia, from where a military strike was launched on Ukraine. So when Western useful idiots now offer Ukraine to make territorial concessions and give up its territories, they must remember that if Ukraine loses, it will be turned by Russia into a springboard for a military strike on NATO and EU member states.

The hopes of many Western intellectuals that the Korean scenario can be repeated in Ukraine when there are two Ukrainians, one occupied - pro-Russian, the other independent - pro-Western, are cut off from reality, because the main guarantor of South Korea's territorial integrity and sovereignty is the United States with their bases, which they do not plan to place on the territory of our country, so without these security guarantees from America, nothing will stop the northern empire of evil from continuing to conquer the territory of Ukraine. It is also impossible to "Finnishize" Ukraine, which is periodically mentioned by leading American experts, because unlike Finland, which has long had a neutral status, our country is much more important for Russia. The ideologues of Putin's terrorist regime are convinced that without Ukraine the existence of the Russian Empire and its dominance in Europe is impossible, so the neutral status of our country will not stop imperialist Russia from seeking to absorb Ukraine.

Too often, Russians manage to manipulate Western intellectuals through two narratives. The first narrative is about the humiliation of Russia by the West in the 1990s, although what humiliation can we talk about if if Western elites, having every opportunity to fragment Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, did not seize the unique historical opportunity to strike a deadly blow at the evil empire. Instead, the West provided much more economic and humanitarian aid to Russia than Ukraine in the 1990s, and Western elites agreed that Russia would take the Soviet Union's seat on the UN Security Council and, after Ukraine's nuclear disarmament, cruise missiles placed in our country were transferred to the Russian Federation, with the assistance of our Western partners. So, if anyone was humiliated in the 90s, it was not bloody Russia, but Ukraine, which, unlike Russia, has never in its history been an aggressor against its neighbors.

The Kremlin's second narrative, which is actively spread by Western useful idiots, is Russia's concern about NATO's expansion to the East, which seems to result in its aggressive foreign policy. In fact, the Kremlin's military adventures have nothing to do with NATO enlargement at the expense of Central Europe. Even before Poland and other Central European countries joined NATO, bloody Russia had already occupied South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Transnistria and carried out a terrible military aggression against Ichkeria. All these military aggressions were not related to NATO enlargement, but to the desire of the Russian elite not to lose control of their spheres of influence, because the Russian authorities have always sought to revive the Russian Empire.

Unfortunately, the West has lost the unique opportunity to stop imperialist Russia by not providing Ukraine with large-scale security assistance for 8 years, at the expense of which our country would have every chance to inflict a military defeat on Russia. Even after the illegal annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, Western politicians continued to pacify Putin, who was given eight years to prepare for a full-scale aggression against Ukraine and a total sweep in Russia against oppositionists threatening his sole power.

Western elites, who have long turned a blind eye to Russia's crackdown on Putin's opponents, have somehow forgotten that Russia's aggressive foreign policy is a continuation of its domestic policies, so they are fully responsible for Russia's bloody aggression against Ukraine. Our country still receives less security assistance than Afghanistan, to which the United States has long transferred much more modern weapons than Ukraine, which is a real shame for the American elite, who did not realize the importance of our country for their national interests.

France, Germany, and Italy sought to parasitize through mediation between the West and Russia, while the American elite believed in a utopia of turning Russia into an ally to contain China, which ultimately convinced Putin, like Hitler, of the West's weakness. Russia's full-scale aggression against Ukraine, which will have devastating consequences not only for the Russian Federation and Ukraine, but for the entire West, because no matter how much you feed a crocodile, he will never become a vegetarian.