How did it happen that we forgot how to hear each other? And to understand in general?

Need an example? The author of the article ( Endgame to the "Language Question" in Ukraine in Seven Moves ) deliberately speaks directly in advance - he is for one state language (Ukrainian), and in response they write to him that he wants Russian to become the second state language. How is that?! Can't we read? Are we working out pennies of the "bot" from the political circus "different parties with a common cash desk"? Are we working for enemy propaganda?

The same is true for other ridiculous stereotyped accusations (such as “Little Russian”, “for Russian culture” and other nonsense), which they want to present as supposedly justified objections, arguments and reflection. But in fact, it was not presented - not a single serious justified argument “against” the thesis of the article, but only empty talk in the form of direct condemnations and veiled insults ...

For reference: the author of the article has never been to the Russian Federation; having been born in the USSR, he did not find him at a conscious age; grew up entirely on Western culture; did not participate in politics, and is not going to get involved in it; the author's parents were never members of the Communist Party. Therefore, before judging someone, look in the mirror.

I specifically remind you that this article is about how to get out of the “language problem”, how to open the way for the Ukrainian language to a bright future and how not to plunge into an embittered obscurantist insanity; as well as how to build a successful united modern Ukraine capable of playing its own role in the global theater. For other misconceptions and negativity, blame only yourself.

So, in addition, in four theses:

First thesis

Does anyone really believe that the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine began because of the “language issue”?

If you think that the reason is the Russian language, answer the question: why then did Putin officially announce “denazification”, and he planned to apply it, in theory, not to “Russian speakers” at all. Otherwise, what kind of “Nazifications” is he talking about?

He plans to free the "Ukrainian-speaking population" from the "Russian-speaking Nazis", and therefore destroys the east of the country, so what? Or are those whom they consider “Russian-speakers” also subject to “denazification”, and therefore they kill and capture all citizens of Ukraine – without understanding what language they speak? Judging by the cases and facts, for Putin's rashism there is no difference. Then what is the language here?

The bottom line is that logic such as that if it weren’t for the “Russian-speakers,” then Putin would not have attacked, is initially false. If Putin really wanted to protect the “Russian-speaking” Ukrainians he invented, he would not erase the east of the country to zero, but would attack its west, where, in his opinion, the “nationalists” settled.

Pay attention, for the sake of maintaining power, the Putin regime will not hesitate to bomb even its own cities and kill the population of the Russian Federation, of course, speaking of its protection. The same Russian language will be to blame? It is quite obvious that for Putin the population is a stupid resource and biomass, and he does not give a damn about culture, languages, religion, worldview, etc. The herd is not asked about anything - it is sheared, and when the hour strikes, they are led to the slaughter.

I hope that Putin’s version that Zelensky (a Russian-speaking Jew from the south-east of the country who once wanted peace so much), being suddenly a “Nazi” - started this war, I won’t have to analyze for adequacy?

But, if you still want to follow the logic: "Putin attacked because of the language," you have to admit that he invaded Ukraine, because Ukrainian is spoken here. He officially and openly declares that “everything Ukrainian” must be destroyed. And what, now we will lay the blame on everyone who speaks the Ukrainian language, that it is because of them that Putin started the war? Or maybe let's ban the Ukrainian language altogether, so that "Putin doesn't attack again"? See where this logic leads?

Fortunately, of course, the "question of language" cannot be a real casus belli. Then why swallow this bait thrown by the enemy (external and internal)?

Second thesis

Why do some of us so passionately, but latently, believe in Putin? They rush about with his contradictory theses, as if it reflects some kind of reality. Or is the choice of such isolated theses dictated by hidden desires? For example, hiding behind some Putin's words, secretly wishing for what was voiced? Otherwise, why listen and repeat any nonsense?

Regarding the “question of language”: if for some reason someone associates the Russian language with Putin, then it is necessary to ban everything that is associated with him. You have to be honest, logical and consistent, right? After the ban on the Russian language, we will have to close the Orthodox Church (well, he is Orthodox, what can we do), then we will ban judo, horses, naked torso, fishing, and then on a very large list ...

A similar situation will happen with the colors of the current flag of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to ban - white, blue, red. Over in the Russian Federation, repressions have already begun against blue and yellow, but we are not like them, right?

I can imagine how hard it will be, for example, for our folk-ethnic dances, because there - all these colors are included in the main range, and for the costume "white top with blue trousers and red boots" - you need to immediately give a term, as for propaganda of the attributes of Putin's RF. Well, what if you ban "by association" - so ban! And at the same time, constantly remind that we are a country of the free and that we and the Russians are never alike, in anything. So?

Of course, this is still the same false logic as the rejection of vegetarianism, because Hitler was a vegetarian. By the way, how is it that vegetarians do not hiccup from this monstrous fact?

In fact, the problem here is not only that there is no logic and there are only emotions for denial, but also that there is often an obsession with a “person”. In this case, a person depends on Putin (even more so if his last name is spelled with a small letter, because he pays additional attention to him), it absorbs through identification through emotional association and mental fixation.

Also, the problem is that the approach “as long as it’s not like Putin’s” is a sign of a lack of independence, because the reaction itself is secondary as a dependence of the “do it out of spite” type. Do not inflate the image of Putin with constant thoughts about him, in fact, just as do not feed evil with your “spite”.

And the worst thing is that by acting on the principle of “just the opposite”, we turn into a mirror image of what we want to get rid of. This is a dead end recursion. Do we need it?

By the way, a funny moment, if you think about it. If Putin started the war because of the "Russian language", then it is not clear where the Russians came from, who are freeing the Russian Federation from the Putin regime with weapons in the hands of the Russian Federation? They certainly do not participate in the resistance because of "language", right?

And then, another question, should they be banned from helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine to move towards victory? Well, after all, following the speculative logic imposed by the Kremlin “Russian-speaking = Russian” (and, as you know, there are no “good Russians”), then they cannot participate in hostilities on our side in any way (however, like the Russian-speaking Ukrainian military) ...or can they? Or what or how?

You see what insanity is obtained if one proceeds from erroneous premises in reasoning or engages in incoherent speculation. Well, or if you don't think at all.

Third thesis

The commitment of those in power (and those who aim to take their place) to prohibitions can be understandable, because these prohibitions are “up to one place” for them, but such a political divorce of the masses of a primitive spill works. And that suits them, because it's easy. Burning a picture is much easier than painting it. And if people are happy and don’t interfere with your “dark deeds”, then why not, because you can always “change your shoes”, if something happens, and “these” will arrange Maidan again ...

But what dictates the obsession to “keep and not let go” among ordinary citizens is a big question.

Back to the language issue. There, Catherine destroyed the Ukrainian language through bans and repressions (in fairness, the Russian language was also far from favored and was needed solely as a clerical means of communication between nobles and the people). And now, that's why ... let's do like her!

The only question is: why then do we condemn her? Because she gave us a great idea? On the contrary, it is necessary to erect a monument to her! (Oh yes…). You see, if we are no different from “Catherine” in our thoughts and deeds, then we are “she”, and if so, then we deserve what we got. Why? Because, in their essence, they were engaged in a common cause (intention to destroy, prohibitions, repressions, etc.). How do you like this train of thought?

After all, if we are no different from the "Rashists", then why are we shouting at every corner that we are not like that? Perhaps that is why we so persistently inspire everyone around us about the difference, because we are secretly afraid that, in fact, there is no difference? After all, if we think and act like them, then what is our difference? The name for this is rashism inside out. And that's exactly what happens - when you try to distort your own reflection in the mirror.

Like this vision? No? Then you should not strive to implement it in erroneous ways.

In connection with this and similar trends, we need to remember that fanaticism (and "overvalued ideas" as triggering symptoms) is thin ice territory. Combined with negativity, it always leads to an obsession that destroys everything, including its bearers.

Once upon a time, a Jewish prophet gave the commandment: “God is love,” but fanatics brought it to life through the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch hunts, genocide of other peoples and opposition to science ... How did “love” turn into “hatred”? No one is immune from such a fall, not a single political nation, not a single formal ethnic group, not a single - even the most beautiful - person ...

Therefore, do not start walking on thin ice.

Fourth thesis

If Chicherena dresses up in an embroidered shirt and reads Shevchenko's poems in Ukrainian, will she turn into a Ukrainian because of this? If Dugin's ideology is voiced in Ukrainian, will it become Ukrainian?

Among others, we have two non-obvious-obvious problems: a) culture is equated with patriotism, and it is turned into a commodity; b) a citizen is determined by cultural attributes, and not by his mentality. It turns out a vicious loop that politicians (and our enemies) throw at civil society.

Why do we not want to understand that a person, first of all, forms and determines his mentality? Even the value system, worldview, attitude to civil rights and freedoms are derivatives (not to mention cultural preferences, etc.). The mental structures that guide people lie deeper than formal declarations and external paraphernalia.

Isn’t it obvious that a mental “quilted jacket” can wear an embroidered shirt, and a mental “Muscovite” can speak Ukrainian, and a mental “Rashist” can create internal repressions and external terror under the pretext of “greatness of the nation”?

The essence always slips out of the hands ...

Banal example. Who is "mostly Ukrainian" today? The one who helps, as best he can, in the fight against the invader, or the one who still steals on corruption schemes? Of course, the one who helps. What if he speaks Russian and is not particularly versed in cultural heritage, but honors civil rights and defends the values ​​of freedom and independence?

Already somehow immediately and not very Ukrainian, and, most likely, even a “Little Russian”. Right? And what if someone who is mired in corruption and vulgar political populism, but speaks the Ukrainian language, is furnished with embroidered shirts and kobzars, and on every occasion shouts out (for everyone to hear) – Glory to Ukraine? Already somehow like immediately and wow Ukrainian, and, quite likely, even the "leader of the patriots." So what?

In Kherson, the people who came out to the occupying troops of the Russian Federation with the flags of Ukraine on pain of death, are they Ukrainians or not? Yes? But they also spoke and still speak Russian... Or are they already some kind of Ukrainians, unlike those who went abroad, but speak Ukrainian?

What is more patriotic and convincing - to stay and do something, albeit in Russian, or to go abroad and from there beautifully broadcast that Russian-speaking "not real Ukrainians", and perhaps even "second-class creatures"? Is this a normal situation?

Let's go further. A Buryat who speaks Russian is Russian? A Ukrainian who speaks Russian and kills Buryats in the war - Russian? Is a Russian praising Putin in Russian a Russian?

Is a Ukrainian who hates Putin in Russian also a Russian? Is there a difference? Eat. Or is there still no difference? Well, the language is kind of the same... After all, as Putin bequeathed: “Russian-speaking = Russian” (and as his associates cosplayed with us: Ukrainian-speaking = Ukrainian). True or not?

What's wrong here? Perhaps the reason is that this whole topic is on the verge of insanity?

Corruption? Judge gets caught on bribes? Raising taxes? Hey people - there's a "language srach" out there! And somehow it was forgotten immediately. Low level education, no books and no translations? But there is a "language srach"! The Minister of Education is suspected of plagiarism, problems in schools (up to violence against children), but if you separate the “linguistic srach”, then it is immediately somehow not considered and in general - there was nothing like that ... What a beauty, right?

Perhaps it's time to think that the "linguistic srach" is about manipulating the opinion of the population. It's a way to distract us from the real problems. This is a means to push through profitable political messages under the guise or make a political career (on such reactionism of pre-calculated target audiences).

A story about how to quickly divide the country and grab yourself a piece of the electorate. And, of course, the opportunity to create favorable conditions for the invasion (by throwing the bait of a “language conflict” in advance, which will be swallowed up both in the east and in the west of the country). Is there really no way to see such obvious things?

Well, how could it be without it getting to the topic of the Russian-Ukrainian war. For some of us: and Putin started the war because of the "linguistic srach" in Ukraine; and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting for the Ukrainian language (by the way, if you make a list of “what are our military fighting for, first of all”, where will politically inflated topics like language, culture, literature, etc.?); and the West helps us, because we have a “beautiful language”… oh, fellow citizens, are you serious?!

Somewhere out there - the bitter joy of victory hovers, do you feel it? But what will happen after the war? Will we be able to take advantage of this unique opportunity, remembering that there will never be another opportunity like this?