Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov spoke about the "positive" in the information of the world community about the threat of Russia's invasion of Ukraine .

As reported by "Khvilya" , he said this in an interview with "Voice of America".

So, in response to a question about the new data of the Ukrainian intelligence, Reznikov stressed that at the moment the data of the intelligence services (Ukrainian and Western - ed.) coincide, but the assessments may be different.

In addition, the Minister of Defense explained why Kyiv is so calm about this.

“We do not panic, because in 8 years of this war, we have become accustomed to the threat. Accordingly, we take it more calmly, because we are just ready, and for them it was a little unexpected. They believe that the data indicates an increase in risks, and I agree with them, because there are signs of escalation. It is important for us that they finally begin to sound the alarm publicly and thanks to, among other things, the media, the Washington Post, Politico and others, this has attracted the attention of the whole world. " noted Reznikov.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense sees this as positive.

"Even in a difficult situation, I am looking for a positive. In a threat, I see a positive, that this has attracted the attention of the civilized world and now a reaction is starting that gives us a chance to demonstrate to the aggressor that the price of this aggression will be unbearable for him," - Reznikov added.