The day before yesterday, Bankova's bloggers launched a fake that the Kyiv City State Administration is closing the Paton Bridge and the Metro Bridge for repairs. Social networks naturally exploded with indignation, but the Kyiv City State Administration quickly responded to this attack. However, the sediment, as they say, remained, for Kyiv traffic jams are already a legend. But behind this, I asked only one question - why did Bankova have to launch such a fake, burning its speakers. The answer is simple - Zelenskyy is still in love with the idea of ​​ousting Klitschko, not realizing that the context of actions has changed dramatically in the weeks after Razumkov's resignation. Not in favor of Bankova, of course.

Nevertheless, Bankova once again (the third or fourth this year) is trying to approach Klitschko and get to the tasty Kyiv streams.

On September 24, 2021, it was exactly 2 years since the Servants registered the bill on the capital city 2143-3 in the Verkhovna Rada. The hasty consideration of the bill was an element of the struggle of ex-head of the OP, Andrei Bogdan, with the mayor Klitschko. The Blitzkrieg then failed. Although at that time the Servants had absolute monarchy. The bill could only be passed in the first reading. Then they came to an agreement with Klitschko and the bill was shelved. Since the beginning of the year, when the Servants of the people launched the sanction printer and the illusion of Zelenskyy's omnipotence arose, in May the faction again entered into a clinch with Klitschko. And the bill, which introduces a de facto diarchy in Kyiv, got out again.

However, due to the fact that the authorities had to put Medvedchuk under house arrest, then deal with Razumkov, Klitschko was not squeezed. After the resignation of Dmitry Razumkov from the post of speaker, many began to think that now Klitschko would be able to put the squeeze on. However, it looks like the resignation of Razumkov was the peak of Zelenskyy's power, and the appointment of 4 new ministers was the last surge, when his party managed to gather votes for critical processes.

The conflict with Akhmetov amid the deepening economic crisis accelerated the fall in the ratings of Zelenskyy and his party. The elites are beginning to consider the situation ahead of time, because personally I have great doubts that the OP will be able to put the squeeze on Klitschko in a sharply deteriorating situation. They already do not have enough power.

It is symptomatic that on November 17, the people's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada were unable to adopt a special procedure for considering the draft laws "On the city of Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine" (2143–3) and "On local state administrations" (4298). These bills are important because they will reformat the work of local authorities and will be considered in full procedure next plenary week. But the Servants have no votes to pass the law. That is why the OP decided to load the "combat torpedo" - Nikolai Tishchenko who is not inclined to reflect too much, but performs tasks. It is for these qualities that his godfather Yermak appreciates. True, Tishchenko's zeal in Transcarpathia has already led to problems with the regional council, which led to the fact that the OP had to negotiate with the local elite with tail between their legs. But when did the OP learn their mistakes?

That is why, in the Verkhovna Rada last week, Nikolai Tishchenko initiated the creation of the inter-factional association "Kyiv acts". The main (one-time!) task of this association is by hook or by crook to collect votes for the law on the capital. They hung a symbolic carrot in front of Nikolai Tishchenko - they promised to appoint him the head of the Kyiv City State Administration after the adoption of the law. At the same time, Tishchenko convinced Zelenskyy that the defeat of the Servant of the People in the last elections in Kyiv was the result of his exclusion from the elections in the capital. In general, Zelenskyy does not seem to learn at all from his mistakes and the mistakes of his “supporters”. After all, Yanukovych also exchanged Chernovetsky for Popov, but this did not add any advantages to him in the eyes of the people of Kyiv, although Popov, objectively speaking, was not the worst manager. With Tishchenko, Zelenskyy is following Yanukovych. However, as in all other areas, the impression is that Zelenskyy decided to repeat the drain of Yanukovych ahead of schedule.

It is not surprising that Klitschko developed a vigorous activity and began to respond promptly to key news stories. He made a statement on the case of the Wagnerites, then teased Zelenskyy and the Servants about the invasion of Russia, then through the association of Ukrainian cities launched information that cheap gas from Naftogaz was no longer available for heating. In parallel, in a number of areas, there was a reformatting of the "Udar" structures. In short, Klitschko began to conduct a nationwide campaign, realizing that early elections were not far off. Like other players, Klitschko forms coalitions with various players. For example, across Chernigov from Atroshenko, with Poroshenko and Tymoshenko across Kiev. It is difficult to understand why Zelenskyy exacerbates the conflict in the capital, when his enemies are spawning like mushrooms after rain. Can you imagine what the reaction of the people of Kyiv will be when the lights are turned off in February, and Tishchenko will be the head of the Kyiv City State Administration? But the OP obviously thinks that Shmygal's tales about repair, and not rolling blackouts will convince someone.