Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian IT companies do not sit back while waiting until peace is settled. Instead, they decided to stand up against the war and protect the civilian population in the best way they could.

Here are some of the solutions developed by Ukrainian IT specialists during the war to aid the country and the people in their struggle for survival.

Air Alert app:

  • By the initiative of, supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Ajax Systems, the Ukrainian security systems developer, has launched the Air Alert app for iOS and Android. It instantly informs about the beginning and end of an alert.
  • Air Alert is the only app supporting critical alerts among similar ones. The app generates a loud, critical alert warning of an airstrike, chemical attack, technological catastrophe, or other civil defence alerts. It receives signals first-hand from Ukrainian regional administrations, helping people react as quickly as possible.

Play for Ukraine:

  • Created by technical experts from Lviv, an online game helps Ukraine fight against Russian aggression. The game is analogous to “2048”, the popular numerical puzzle. It is designed so that each “move” of the player brings Russian websites closer to blocking with DDoS attacks.
  • In an hour of play, one user sends about 20,000 requests to block websites serving the Russian army (the exact list of these sites is not announced by the game creators for security purposes). Thanks to the simple mechanics, the game is an easy way to help and is available even to children, adolescents and anyone who does not have special skills to combat Russian aggression.

SpyBuster & Together

  • Ukrainian developer MacPaw released an anti-spyware program for macOS which helps protect personal data from cyber threats on the part of Russia and Belarus.
  • Thanks to SpyBuster, users are able to scan their computer and identify programs and apps that were created in Russia and Belarus, as well as remove them if desired. It’s also possible to learn which programs and sites are connected to Russian and Belarusian servers in real-time and block potentially dangerous connections.
  • Also, MacPaw presented Together – a self-hosted app for keeping track of employee wellbeing and dislocation during the Russo-Ukrainian war, with an interactive map. More details here.

Prykhystok (Shelter)

  • Ukrainian volunteers created the platform to help find housing for people affected by war. It’s not about renting an apartment, but about the possible room sharing for a few days.
  • With the help of the service, people fleeing areas of active hostilities can find shelter in safer regions of Ukraine. And those who live in such areas can offer their housing to those who need it.

Help in the evacuation:

  • Developed by Ukrainian IT specialists from the non-profit organization UkraineNow, an online service helps Ukrainians find transport or companions to evacuate jointly from dangerous regions.
  • Service is aimed to coordinate people who have cars and want to escape to a safer place with those who do not have their own transport. To use the service, people need to fill out a form. Next, volunteer operators process the application and try to “match people” throughout the day.

Pomich (Help):

  • Cargofy, the Ukrainian startup, developed the platform to coordinate humanitarian delivery and search for carriers. With its help, users can find a transporter and coordinate delivery processes for military and humanitarian purposes by filling out the application form.
  • The service can be joined by transport companies or private carriers to deliver humanitarian goods in difficult times for Ukraine. The Pomich service organizes the transportation of humanitarian goods through safe routes.

Robota v tylu (Job on the home front):

  • Stock exchange of volunteer works helping to place a request for a job/specialist. Ukrainian Artur Fedorenko launched it.
  • The platform works both online and offline. Its main advantage is the catalogued, relevant content. Posts and stories in social networks are lost quickly, while the service allows you to systematize the information and filter it by category. The person who published the request receives feedback from the user directly on the platform. Users can also text each other here.

TacticMedAid app:

  • Ukrainian volunteers launched the TacticMedAid app, with which you can learn how to provide home medical care during the war. The application is free and available only for iOS users. For Android, the program will be released a bit later.
  • The program works without the Internet. It has two sections: for civilians and for the military.
  • The first section contains information on how to stop bleeding. It is blood loss that is considered the most common and dangerous cause of death in war conditions. The second section contains an algorithm of actions for common types of injuries and wounds in combat conditions.

This list goes on as new IT solutions for civilians from Ukrainian developers keep coming daily.

Thanks, Ajax team and personally Amina Yepisheva for support!