The lives of Ukrainians have been turned upside down. Despite the war, the Ukrainian tech sector adapted quickly and now demonstrates tenacity and almost full capacity. It’s gaining momentum. Now is the time to believe in and support talented, brave, creative Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs, startups, and innovations to keep working and scaling up.

Let’s discover who thinks that wartime is not an excuse to skip investments but rather an accelerator.

Google for Startups

  • Google for Startups brings the best of Google’s products, connections, and best practices to enable startups to build something better.
  • The non-dilutive $5 million Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund will be allocated across approximately 50 Ukrainian-founded companies throughout 2022, coupled with Cloud credits and support from Google mentors.
  • This equity-free financial investment and hands-on support are designed to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs maintain and grow their startups, strengthen their community, and build a foundation for post-war economic recovery. The fund will be operated by Huge Thing.


  • 7wings is a CfE-based startup support fund that provides $50,000 in non-equity grants to Ukrainian startups, most of whose team members remain in Ukraine, and the startup itself has suffered from Russia’s unwarranted aggression against Ukraine. One of the world’s top 50 business thinkers and the top 25 business consultants Adrian Slyvotsky became the first contributor to Ukrainian 7Wings Foundation.
  • “Together with you, we will support at least 30 startups already on the market, generating initial revenue and burn rates within $25,000.”
  • Contact through the form.

The Free Ukraine Foundation with UVCA

  • The Free Ukraine Foundation along with UVCA launched the «Support Ukrainian Startups NOW» program aiming to provide aid for startups and specialists that are a part of the Ukrainian startup community and whose innovative business needs help right now.
  • Key point: to help the majority of founder startups that have decided to stay in Ukraine, NOT those who have relocated and are able to get international help in Europe.
  • The fund has already financed nect WORLD, CARETECH HUMAN, Meredot, FeeLo, Manna.
  • Discover more

Geek Ventures

  • Geek Ventures is a tech venture fund founded by Ihar Mahaniok and Vadim Rogovskiy investing in immigrant founders building amazing scalable products.
  • Geek Ventures is launching the “Save Ukrainian Startups” – a marketplace of help for the startups with Ukrainian founders (in Ukraine or abroad now). It aims to match investors that are willing to help Ukrainian startups with their investment and the startups that need this money, and are willing to talk and find common ground with investors.

For whom:

  1. If you are a founder of a Ukrainian startup that is raising money right now
  2. If you are a founder that doesn’t need to raise but is willing to help Ukrainian founders in their fundraising (by mentoring, introductions, etc.)
  3. If you are an investor willing to support Ukraine by investing in Ukrainian startups right now
  4. If you are a volunteer willing to help startups that are struggling

SID Venture Partners

  • SID Venture Partners is the first unique Ukrainian high-technology venture capital firm established by IT experts for IT geeks, focusing on investments into early-stage technology startups to fund the future.
  • To further support the IT ecosystem and startups, SID calls for the IT community’s feedback on the potential demand for smaller tickets investments in the framework of our Venture Fund. – fill a form.
  • During the war the fund has already invested in 7 startups: The Credit Thing (ex-Koto), The Breakfast, Orderly Protocol, NEAR Protocol.,, SPOKK Insurance.

hi5 Ventures

  • Ukrainian entrepreneurs Andrew Kryvorchuk (ex CEO of Adventures Lab) and Leon Podobedov launched hi5 Ventures with a $15 mln investment fund.
  • VC will invest in startups of SaaS, Mobile, EduTech, AI/ML, Security, eSports and AdTech. Checks: $250 000 – up to $1 mln
  • Apply directly to the e-mail:


  • Machinа is an investment firm founded in cooperation with European and US investors.
  • It will finance Ukrainian small and middle-sized businesses in fintech, edtech, agrotech, cybersecurity, foodtech, future of e-commerce, etc):
  1. The early-stage businesses (with up to 2 mln EUR revenue) get from 200,000 to 1,000,000 EUR in exchange for 10-40% of the company (with entry estimate of 500,000 to 1,000,000 EUR).
  2. The late-stage businesses (with 2-20 mln EUR revenue) get from 1 to 5 mln EUR in exchange for 5-25% of the company (estimated worth is 10 to 100 mln EUR).

Keep Going

  • Keep Going is a new fund for SMT, the first aid for small businesses that bring closer the victory day, launched by cofounder of Depositphotos Dmitry Sergeev.
  • The aim of the fund is the financial and information support for Ukrainian entrepreneurs affected by war.
  • Contact:

VC hypra

  • Hypra is a $25 mln Web3-oriented joint venture fund, founded by Ukrainian investors Igor Pertsiya (ex TAventure) and Dmytro Volkonskyi (ex TRIONIKA) in March 2022.
  • Joint venture fund building and investing in web3 projects with focus on Ukraine and Ukrainian startups.
  • Contact:

Flyer One Ventures

  • Ukrainian Flyer One Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund, investing in Ukraine and Baltic countries. It invests in Online Education, Digital Health, Mobile Apps, Advertising Tech, and AI/ML.
  • Flyer One Ventures launches an initiative “20 Startups with Ukrainian Founders to Invest in!” to promote Ukrainian tech startups on the international arena
  • Your startup must meet these criteria:
  1. Most of the startup’s revenue comes from Western or other international markets beyond Eastern Europe
  2. Most of the income is generated by an international team
  3. Founders of the startup are Ukrainians, some of the employees are from Ukraine, and they are provided with the necessary support

Network VC

  • is a part of Network VC (USA) ecosystem for venture market participants: Investors, Entrepreneurs, Corporations and Professionals.
  • Network VC raises a fund to invest and help Ukrainian startups in the face of Russian aggression. It has created a Special Venture Fund to invest in startups from Ukraine – Network VC Syndicate Fund Series Ukraine with a program “Support Ukrainian Startups”. Investors from all over the world can support Ukrainian startups and help entrepreneurs survive this difficult time of war in Ukraine.
  • The fund will finance several dozen startups, which will be selected through an open competition on the Unicorn. Events platform as well as based on our own analytics.
  • Registration

ACLab (Anticrisis Lab)

  • Foundation to support Ukrainian startup Founders is a platform by Ukrainian Startup Fund and YEP Incubator
  • Target audience: early-stage startups at MVP and pre-traction stage.
  • The goal is to collect 1 million USD to help dozens of teams to survive the nearest months.