April 20, 2022 - the NFT project Voice of Taras Shevchenko will be launched. The project aims to raise funds to help Ukraine and Ukrainians affected by war.

The project is based on the R&D technology of the Ukrainian marketing agency TABASCO, which managed to create a reconstruction of the voice of the most famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

650 NFTs will be released with abstracts from well-known poems by Shevchenko performed by the author’s voice. The first collection to be hosted on the opensea platform ( https://opensea.io/ShevchenkoVoice ) - excerpt from the poem "Caucasus":

Keep fighting — you are sure to win!

God helps you in your fight!

For fame and freedom march with you,

and right is on your side!

The poet's patriotic and motivating words are placed on 75 unique animations, each of them different in color, thematic icons, words, and timing.

The initial cost of each NFT reflects its importance in the collection. The highest starting price for full fragments (11 seconds of timing) with the colors of the Ukrainian flag is 1 ETH (approximately $ 3000). There are only 5 such fragments. The most affordable starting price of NFT with Shevchenko's voice starts at 0.03 ETH (roughly $ 100).

Owners of the TOP 25 NFT receive merchandise of the project (branded hoodie with the words of Shevchenko and QR of the acquired NFT).

All funds received from the sales of NFTs will support Ukrainian volunteer projects. We encourage volunteer projects to join our resources on social media and send their urgent funding needs.

All payments and results will be public and approved by the project supervisory board.

By buying NFT with the voice of Taras Shevchenko, you get 1) a unique record of the voice of the Ukrainian poet, 2) help Ukraine and Ukrainians, 3) spread Ukrainian culture around the world.

R&D restoration of Shevchenko's voice

There are no recordings of the poet's voice - the first device for recording and reproducing sound, the phonograph, was invented 16 years after Taras Shevchenko's death.

Accurate anthropometric data were used to implement the project, which was established thanks to his posthumous mask, which is stored in the Taras Shevchenko National Museum. To make the voice as true as possible, a group of Shevchenko scholars joined the project, searching for and analyzing additional information based on eyewitness accounts of the writer's appearance, voice, lifestyle, habits, and illnesses.

Based on the obtained data, a 3D model of Shevchenko's head was created. Then, using a multifactor model and a neural network, the three most representative of the 108 candidates were selected. They corresponded as much as possible to dozens of formed parameters, including appearance, height, physique, region, health features, and others. In the last stage, thanks to the technology of neural synthesis, the features of the three voices were combined, and the voice of the writer was restored.

Read more here : https://youtu.be/OBNJ3MV4Ia8

The team of the research project of Taras Shevchenko's voice:

* TABASCO Agency - TOP creative agency of Ukraine

* Wantent - a platform for content analysis based on artificial intelligence

* Taras Shevchenko National Museum in Kyiv


Project page https://opensea.io/ShevchenkoVoice

Project website https://www.shevchenkovoice.com/

Instagram https://instagram.com/shevchenkovoice

Twitter https://twitter.com/shevchenkovoice

Telegram https://t.me/voiceofshevchenko

e-mail shevchenko.voice@gmail.com