I happened to read so many ridiculous arguments about the negotiations between Russia and the United States (NATO) that I could not resist and decided to share briefly my view of these events.

First, for the first time since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has appeared publicly as its full-fledged heir, and this status has been recognized by the United States and NATO. Putin managed to get a crucial concession from weak Biden: he is now a full-fledged adversary of NATO. Moreover, what is important, if the Soviet party old robbers really had a huge club behind their backs, then Putin, by and large, has nothing. This is almost a hundred percent bluff, but instead of accusing him of bluffing, all Western politicians proceeded to amicably pleasing him as the new Hitler.

Second, Putin now embodies the surprising mix of a Soviet party leader and a legendary terrorist such as Yasser Arafat, which makes it so easy for him to bluff Western dummy moralists.

The Soviet leaders were wretched people, dressed in wooden suits, rednecks in spirit, not knowing how to behave and present themselves in the media. But at the same time trying to comply with some moral norms, albeit insincerely.

Yasser Arofat could go publicly in a cheap arafat, and at the same time flaunt a whole wardrobe of expensive British men's suits designed for millionaires, speak beautifully and meaningfully with journalists, remaining a complete cynic and a villain who did not believe in anything but a cash account.

Third, in politics, as in the theater, the retinue plays the king. Neither the power of Russia, nor the strength of its army, but the retinue of European and American politicians make Putin a world leader. When negotiating with the leader of the terrorists, there is always the danger of their legitimization. However, a strong leader can find ways to neutralize these consequences. As it was once with Thatcher and Reagan on the one hand, and Gorbachev on the other. But today the rulers of the West are so insignificant that, against their background, a dummy like Putin looks like a Bethlehem star.

Fourth, it was the summer meeting between Putin and Biden that demonstrated to Putin all the weakness of Biden as a politician. A new meeting, a new agenda at any end of the negotiations, means that Putin has taken over his favorite position as new secretary general. And it was Biden who crowned him to this position. It doesn't matter how the meeting ended. Putin's policy is understandable: he is squeezing out new powers from Biden, piece by piece.

And, of course, all this is extremely bad for Ukraine. Same as for Russia.