We are destroying our economy with the decision to keep all military-aged men in the country.

First. The economy if Western Ukraine – which is founded on labour migration – is at a standstill. How will we ensure the coffers are filled and that the people are fed? The government is incapable of producing anything – and will be incapable for some time.

Second. The IT sector is also being killed. They can’t properly work with the constant interruption of power and connectivity. This creates risks, which pushes customers away. They will continue to help us even if they’re in another jurisdiction. This is obvious.

Third. Logistics. This is truly Kafkaesque because we need to transport vast quantities of goods, but we lack drivers. But that’s only one side of the coin – many Ukrainians work in Polish, Slovakian, Czech and other Central/Eastern European companies, which are also experiencing a labour shortage and thus can’t transport goods to us.

Fourth. Ukraine’s armed forces and the Territorial Defence Forces don’t know what to do with the volume of volunteers they are getting. The armed forces generally don’t take people over 40. The most you can do in territorial defence without body armour and a gun is standing at a checkpoint… to do what exactly? This person would be better spent making money,

Fifth. If they leave, they will free up living space for refugees, which absolutely will continue arriving. You have to recognize that we will likely see millions more flee from the East. Where will we put them?

We risk collapsing not from Russia’s blows but from a fiscal crisis. Most people have a month or two worth of funds in reserve. How will you feed them? This is the key question today. A properly organized rear is as important as an effective Armed Forces. If we intend to wage total war with Russia – and they certainly intend to do that with us – we need to radically change this governmental policy.

I’m seeing a lot of efforts aimed at profiteering off of the questions of logistics and military service. If this isn’t stamped out, we risk losing the East and the South due to a basic inability to deliver food, fuel, armaments and medicine.