In Ukraine, a salary of 135 thousand UAH can be received by programmers using the Python language.

At the same time, in the top five highest paid vacancies there are offers only for IT specialists.

The salaries of programmers in Ukraine are traditionally higher than the national average. This is primarily due to the market situation. Ukrainian employers in search of programmers are forced to compete with international ones.

Salaries and positions:

Senior Python developer - UAH 135 thousand;

This is a programmer who is fluent in the Python programming language. At the same time, he already has experience and can be responsible for the result not only of his work, but also of colleagues.

Android developer remotely - UAH 130 thousand;

Such an employee is engaged in the development of mobile applications for the Android operating system. Probably, we are talking about cooperation with international customers, so we are ready to take a Ukrainian who will work remotely.

Senior С ++ Developer - UAH 120 thousand;

Senior Java devepoler - UAH 101.7 thousand;

ASP.NET devepoler - UAH 100 thousand

Note that in Ukraine the size of salaries depends not only on the sphere, but also on the place of work. Traditionally, residents of the capital make more money, while salaries in small towns can be a few times less.

Source: Observer