The strong gust of the perfect storm will blow away not only the regime


Vitaly Kulik

Recently, my colleagues have started talking about the need for “adult politics.” In this context, I would use not the children / adults dichotomy, but the image of the Fonvizin “ignoramus”. On the one hand, this is no longer a child, but not an adult at all. This is a type of thinking of an infantile character who believes that he knows everything himself, while being stupid, lazy, and knowledge is gleaned, at best, from Wikipedia.

Indeed, the current ruling team is increasingly reminiscent of ignoramuses in power who, having elevated incompetence to a cult, are destroying the framework of Ukrainian statehood. And we must give them their due, in this destructive work, the green undergrowth succeeded.

A strong gust of an ideal storm will tear down not only the regime, which is quite justified, but can also overwhelm the entire structure of the Second Republic, while the new one has not yet sprouted. But this is dangerous!

Refusal to grow up

When Denis Fonvizin wrote his comedy of the same name, the phenomenon of “the minor” flourished in the provinces of the Russian Empire. Vissarion Belinsky said that Fonvizin’s “fools are very funny and disgusting, but this is because they are not fantasy creations, but too true paints from nature.” Through the image of the ignorant Mitrofan, Fonvizin showed the degradation of the nobility of that time. Ignorance and rudeness, stupidity and apathy … “Although he is 16 years old, he has already reached the last degree of his perfection and will not go far.”

Our minors go further. Unlike Mitrofanushka, green minors can be more than 16 years old. For example, Milovanov is already 46…

Although there are also minors by age – nonames, randomly included in the party lists of “servants”, by the efforts of a fidgety mama/papa. There are a bunch of such people among the deputies and in government positions.

So, being “minor” is not about age, but about a way of thinking.

What they have in common with the literary prototype is a conscious refusal to grow up.

What for? Adult behavior is taking responsibility for your actions. Not to “decide”, but to be responsible for decisions, especially for erroneous decisions. Our “servants” cannot and do not want this. They “want to get married and don’t want to study.”

Take, for example, the desire of the “greens” to concentrate power in one hand. They are trying with all their might to destroy the balance of containment and counterbalance, on which any power should be held. The Bankova believes Zelensky will become an “enlightened autocrat.”

They do not want to study the experience of similar authoritarian modernizations in other countries, analyze Ukrainian history with attempts to “swallow everything and not share”, weigh their own resources and forces. After all, any authoritarian government cannot exist in a situation of a weak state. It will not be an epic of order and stability, but a provincial vaudeville-style “Matchmakers”.

Simple solutions to complex problems in matters of peace and war in Donbass, take everything and prohibit or take away and divide, repeal laws or ignore them. What is this if not the infantilism of an ignoramus who does not understand how the law works?

As Mitrofanushka used to say: “What for do I need this geography? Cab drivers will take you everywhere.” This is how our arakhamias and arestoviches act. Why teach materiel if you can just blurt out about nuclear weapons. This rule was followed by the decision to kidnap Chaus from Moldova. According to a similar scheme, the land law and the notorious bill 5600 were written …

He wants to. If you can’t, but you want, then you can forget about the rules, conventions and take what you want. And the consequences? So why think about them now? Then they will think … others will clean it up.


Who are the teachers of our ignoramuses? Solid tsifirkins, kuteikins and vralmans.

With Fonvizin, Kuteikin teaches Mitrofanushka to read and write. He is a local deacon. He himself dropped out of his studies at the seminary, frightened by the difficulties and real “abstruse” sciences. But when it comes to the calculation, he demands payment for work that turned out to be meaningless and ineffective, and for “worn out boots.” Isn’t it some kind of hazel grouse, Danylyuk or Milovanov, copied from nature?

The retired sergeant Tsyfirkin taught arithmetic to an ignoramus. He got it from the authorities before last. All these new old faces in the Cabinet. They teach as best they can, using the textbooks of Kuchma and Azarov. But the old way will no longer be, and the new tsifirkin do not know how. Therefore, the result is zero. And their student is hopelessly dumb. Can only master the multiplication tables.

The image of the German Vralman is no less recognizable. The teacher, whom Prostakova’s mother considered the best, and was ready to pay him 300 rubles a year, while the rest of the teachers were given only ten. But the “best” teacher turned out to be a simple coachman, who taught Mitrofanushka abracadabra in German instead of French.

Here I recommend opening the lists of our supervisory councils in Naftogaz, Ukroboronprom, Ukrzaliznitsa, etc. Can you see vralmans there? And as part of foreign advisers and foreign specialists in the Cabinet?

There is also a pedagogical conclusion for the “daddy” of our ignoramus. The head of the family, Terenty Prostakov reminds some oligarchs, who recently declared how much they “love Mitrofanushka, as parents should:“ what a clever child, what a smart, a fun-lover, an entertainer; sometimes I am beside myself with him and with joy I truly do not believe that he is my son “… And now Mitrofanushka, forgetting about his “filial duty”, is religiously hitting daddy with a stick.


A minor in power is the worst story for a country at war. Especially if this ignorance is shattering the institutions of the state that have already been struck by the crisis. The Second Republic has almost no margin of safety. The deep people are eating up the deep state and will soon come to Kyiv for dessert.

We could wash our hands and confine ourselves to: “we warned you,” but it only can work before the load-bearing wall had not collapsed on our heads. Now the question is about the survival of the country and citizens who want to build something in common here, to create a common good.

But in order to build, we need a power with an adult mindset. It is necessary to cleanse what remains after the collapse – from the senile marasmus of the former elites. On the other hand, to take the steering wheel away from an infantile ignoramus, unable to realize that he is a dilettante who accidentally found himself at the top.

Adult professionals with a clear agenda and political will must take the helm. People whose hands will not flinch to punish and build.

It’s time for adult power!

P.S. The minor is not sovok (ed. sovok – soviet minded person). This is what we got from Moscow. Decommunization is not enough here. We need to squeeze such a “legacy” of “common history” out of ourselves drop by drop. And for this you need to know and understand what you are dealing with. No one will tell us about it better than the classics of Russian literature themselves.