This year's forum was held under martial law and was dedicated to the topic "A winning Ukraine".

The forum brought together more than 700 participants - representatives of government, business, entrepreneurs, investors and international partners to discuss effective strategies for economic recovery of Ukraine and how the world will change after Ukraine's victory.

The event was officially opened by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, who emphasized the role of Ukrainian business in the future reconstruction of Ukraine: "We have a lot of work ahead of us to sustain the economy during the war, to restore the economy, to build it better than it was before. Indeed, this is a period of losses, but also a period of opportunities, because we understand that we will rebuild the things that have been lost in a better way than we had before".

The open dialogue between the government and business was focused on the strategy of economic recovery of Ukraine, priority assistance programs from international financial organizations, transformation of large Ukrainian and international businesses, risk hedging in times of war. As well as how Ukraine is changing the digital world and how to win the fight for human capital.

"Business schools do not teach how to do business during the war. 25% of Ukrainian businesses were forced to relocate, some had to downsize teams or form new ones, some changed sales markets - there were many topics for discussion at the KIEF 2022. But the key thing is that today the government and business need to adapt to new realities, develop despite everything and work together to win," said Yuriy Pyvovarov, KIEF CEO.