Elon Musk's new interview reminded me of an interview with Soviet dissidents academician Sakharov and others, where they talked about the insanity of what is happening, and the inevitable collapse of the system, under the general motto "You can't live like that."

Adapting his words to clear images, capitalism, towards which we began to move, without waiting for us, is turning into socialism, that we tried to overcome running from it with great difficulty, as from insanity.

It means that since being an entrepreneur, working proactively due to regulation and high taxes turned out to be unprofitable and dangerous, a group of people belonging to a party nomenclature, relying on dependents and other relaxing groups, which have become the majority, privatized the budget, legislative activity and a printing press.

They have implemented the "brilliant" idea of ​​2022, leading the survivors of perestroika and the 90s to horror - the expenditure part of the budget is 7 trillion, 4 trillion profitable, 3 trillion deficit - is printed to the applause of the recipients of budget funds. The form is correct and noble, in essence a robbery.

Elon Musk is desperate, as production workers lose the most because of the long lead times of production and R&D chains. Everything that you buy and sell today will be more expensive tomorrow, it is not profitable to produce complex goods. Suppliers include high inflationary expectations in the cost of goods. End manufacturers, such as Tesla, are forced to raise the prices of goods 5 or more times in a year, seeing such a rally, their suppliers lose their minds. This continues until the moment when prices surpass the printing press, consumers do not have enough funds to buy goods, and the conveyors of enterprises with trillions of capitalizations stop. Musk was one of the first to understand this situation and began to sell off his assets as quickly as possible in order to somehow keep some of his earnings. In addition, he is trying to get out of the management of companies before the collapse, so as not to be held liable.

Retired also lose - their savings are eaten up by inflation, and the pension is small, since they were deducted from the income of the monetary base of previous periods, etc. These situations can be seen in the following example.

Option 1. A person wants to buy a house for the money received from the sale of two of his own apartments. He sold one apartment and took it to the bank. He sold the second, but was robbed on the way to the bank. They found the criminals, but they lost the money in the casino, so they did not return anything. The man was left with one apartment, the criminals who took away the money are in prison.

Option 2. A person wants to buy a house for the money received from the sale of two of his own apartments. He sold one apartment and took it to the bank. He sold the second one and took money to the bank. During the search for a house, due to an increase in the money supply, he could not buy a house; he only had enough money to buy out one of the sold apartments. The man was left with one apartment, the criminals, who took away money through financing the budget deficit, increased their social, financial and material status.

We know very well how such situations end, since we have already experienced it the hard way. I don’t want a second round.

The Ukrainian state is trying to solve external and internal problems by increasing its role in all areas, increasing the redistribution of money collected from citizens through the budget, adding itself additional rights and powers. That is, citizens will have less money and rights, while the state will have more. Typically Marxist, socialist approach, the restoration of the Soviet monster, in which we were at a dead end, since Marxism is a great doctrine of human envy.

What a way out.

Some offer to return to the empire again, but after all, it is not protected from collapse. According to the statement of their President Putin, there are more than 2000 unresolved territorial disputes between territorial-national entities within the Russian Federation. They have no experience of peaceful settlement of disputes. There is not even experience in discussions on sensitive issues, everything is blocked. A serious global crisis can open the way for the Russian Federation to devastation, since there will be no funds to continue the policy of blocking and silence. Therefore, you don't even need to look in this direction.

Musk, as the only visionary confirming his words by his deeds, sees the way out in getting rid of the problems he criticized. Namely: reducing or replacing the role of the state in public life; creation of other forms of public organization that can be competitive with respect to the state form; creating competition in every area of ​​government and other services; creation of an institution for the elimination of outdated norms and rules, etc.

There are many tools for implementing these tasks. This is the drawing of lots during procurement and appointment to positions, and election to positions of the law enforcement system, and the right of parental councils of schools and universities to choose programs and teachers, etc.

I think we should go in this direction. These issues require public discussion, development and adoption of decisions, their implementation and correction. Everything depends on us. If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.