US President Joseph Biden came to Warsaw and gave a speech that confirmed what we have already known. There will be no miracle. All the main organizational work to prevent the capture of Ukraine should be done by Ukraine itself and by those countries who are well aware of the consequences of Russia's capture of us. That is, Poland and the Baltic countries.

A few thoughts on this.

The constant threat from Russia, which strikes at Ukraine's infrastructure, requires a solution on how to avoid this. The solution lies on the surface - Ukraine needs to turn Poland into its deep economic rear.

To do this, we need to create a full-fledged alliance with Poland with the removal of our production there. Obviously, military-industrial complex enterprises need to be transferred to Poland under special conditions in order to protect against Russian strikes today and in the future.

It is necessary to agree on a tax regime that will allow such Ukrainian enterprises operating in Poland to pay taxes to the budget of Ukraine. I think that Poland will also benefit, which will be armed with what successfully opposes Russia in Ukraine. Plus learn technology. It will be very beneficial for Poland.

Farther. A program for the rapid construction of housing for migrants in Ukraine and Poland should be launched. This construction should be in areas where Ukrainian businesses will move in such a way that people get jobs right away. We should talk about 1-2 million frame houses, which can accommodate about 10 million people from eastern and southern Ukraine. It is possible to build high-rise buildings, but the key criterion is the speed and flexibility of placement. Everyone who can build should build, not large developers who will open their mouths to state funding.

Since the problem of refugees is a common one, projects should be launched both in Ukraine and in Poland.

In this regard, in Ukraine, all permits for the allocation of land, building codes, and so on should be simplified as much as possible. The key aspect is time. After 1.5 -3 months, such towns should already welcome refugees. Western Ukraine is already crowded. Therefore, by the way, we will have to open the borders, since the state has not come up with any serious program to restart the economy in a month, and many families are running out of safety cushion. Under these conditions, thinking for a year about how to rebuild Ukraine is like death.

Local administrations in Ukraine in the west of the country should quickly give proposals that they have land, communications, free space, unfinished housing. The business must understand the situation on the ground in order to plan for deployment on the ground.

Next, the state should move on to the formation of construction teams that will build all the necessary infrastructure around the clock. The Labor Army must be deployed as soon as possible, because without strengthening the rear, it will be extremely difficult for Ukraine to keep the defense. In addition, it will provide a job that many people need today.

The state must also provide transport corridors for the export of equipment from enterprises to western Ukraine so as not to lose assets.

Obviously, it is necessary to agree on simplification for Ukrainian business of opening bank accounts, registration and all that. It goes without saying that Ukraine needs to be completely deregulated, because under such conditions, few people will want to work here at all. The state, in fact, today should concentrate on generating resources for defense, on reformatting the military-industrial complex, distributing social benefits, coordinating the work of sectors and planning. Everything else should be allowed to float freely. All peoplr who find opportunities should be encouraged.