Ukrainians have stopped saving on weddings - they are investing large sums of money on photographers, makeup artists and restaurants. On average, Ukrainians call weddings for up to 50 people. And they are ready to spend $20-25 thousand per day for a holiday.

“The newlyweds, whom we helped organize the wedding, postponed the celebration five times. Lockdowns due to the COVID-19 epidemic, problems with the arrival of guests from abroad, fears to organize mass events - all this motivated the couple to postpone the celebration. Each time they had to agree on a change dates of the celebration with a restaurant, a host, groups and others ", - recalls the director of the agency "Ideal Wedding" Alexandra Galitskaya. But the wedding still took place in June this year.

If last year many couples limited themselves to signing papers and a modest dinner at a restaurant, now they do not save on the holiday.

“They book rooms in high-level restaurants or hire a catering company, and the event itself is held in a private house or set up tents,” says Olga Nasonova, CEO of Restaurant Consulting. Rarely, couples say it is necessary to give up expensive dishes in favor of cheaper ones.

As in previous years, outdoor ceremonies are now popular, according to Best Day Ever. You can submit an application and sign in one day, but usually relatives and guests are not invited for state registration. Newlyweds prefer to make solemn oaths of allegiance near a beautifully decorated arch, with a host and welcoming applause from the guests.

Moreover, the number of guests differs depending on the region of the country. In Kyiv, as a rule, small events are held - for 30-50 people, but in the west of the country they are used to inviting 100 people.

Newlyweds spend a lot of money not only on treating guests, but also on decor. As a rule, guests are greeted by mimes and treated to champagne and other drinks. You can have a snack before the ceremony. The on-site registration arch is decorated with flowers, often live. The chairs for the guests who came to the ceremony are decorated. The restaurant also usually has a lot of flowers, decorations, candles. Old contests are no longer popular, newlyweds prefer a large entertainment program with performances of dance groups, a DJ set and a fire show.

How much does a wedding cost?
A celebration for 50 people will cost an average of $20-25 thousand, Galitskaya says. The preparation process is usually difficult and takes at least a month. Some organize everything on their own - they agree with the restaurant and discuss the menu of the event with the administrator, look for presenters, order cars, negotiate with the group and choose a pastry shop to create a cake. Others hire a specialized agency that takes care of all these concerns; its fee is 10-15% of the cost of the entire wedding.

What items of expenditure do you spend the most money on?

The bride's dress and the groom's suit. Dresses in specialized salons cost 25-30 thousand UAH, a bride's dress can be rented for 5-7 thousand UAH.

Hair and makeup will cost 3-5 thousand UAH.

Bridal bouquet - you will have to pay UAH 2.5 thousand.

At a mid-level restaurant the celebration will cost UAH 1.5 thousand per person, excluding the cost of alcoholic beverages. Premium restaurants will cost no less than UAH 3.5 thousand per person. An additional 20-25 thousand is the cost of the festive decoration of the hall.

Catering services. If the event takes place in a tent or on the lawn of a private house, then you will have to call the catering service. This service will cost 1.7-2 thousand UAH per person, excluding the cost of drinks.

Snacks for guests. Before the start of the event, guests are treated to drinks and snacks, they will cost an average of 3-5 thousand UAH.

The decor of the arch and the place of exit registration. Registration will cost no less than UAH 10-15 thousand.

Show program. The services of a presenter with a DJ will cost UAH 20-25 thousand per evening, a group performance - UAH 30-50 thousand, a soap bubble show - UAH 2 thousand, a bartender show - UAH 3-4 thousand.

Photographers. From 10-12 thousand UAH and more, videographers - 15-20 thousand UAH.

It becomes more and more expensive to organize a beautiful wedding in Ukraine. For the sake of one of the most unforgettable days in their lives, Ukrainians are ready not to save and pay more. To get rid of the headache due to all the organizational issues, you can turn to special companies, but you will need to pay extra for this. But you can do this process yourself - take the advice of friends and acquaintances, choosing the presenters / photographers / musicians according to your own preferences.

Source: Observer