Famous Ukrainian singer Nadia Dorofeeva, also known as DOROFEEVA, shared some important news with her fans.

She announced this in her Instagram account.

So, Dorofeeva admitted that she is very interested in the NFT topic, and she wants to be among the first to dive into it. At the same time, she stated that she was creating an NFT game.

"I am sharing an important news - I am creating an NFT game! Yes, this world is incomprehensible to many. I could stuff my post with different" blockchains"," tokens ", but even here with Google, not everything is clear 😂 Therefore, I will draw a parallel with contemporary art, which initially was perceived with denial, negativity, rejection ... For me, NFT is like a new round in art, a new format in which we will create, generate ideas and bring them to life," - she said.

The singer also introduced her first character, with her recognizable features and style. However, she stressed that this is an object of art, not a copy.

"My IDOLL is the first character with my recognizable features and style, but this is not my copy, not just a fun doll, this is an object of art that can exist on its own. @Mozgi_group and SpaceSeven have given free rein to our imagination and created a unique, bold, bright character with many talents and skills! Don't worry, you still have time to figure it out 😅 ", - said Dorofeeva.

In addition to this, the singer announced that the game will be fully launched in the spring and will feature many more characters.

The singer's fans enthusiastically reacted to her venture, stressing that they would look forward to the release of the game. In particular, the ex-wife of rapper Potap (Alexei Potapenko) Irina Gorovaya supported Dorofeeva's idea in the comments under the post and expressed her congratulations.